Digitalization & Innovation

We help you to derive and shape your digitalization strategy and to innovate your business models.

Digitalization & Innovation

We help you to derive and shape your digitalization strategy and to innovate your business models.

Digitalization & Business Model Innovation

Digitalization and the Internet of Things are omni-present topics. The business models and strategies being created in their name are very divers and often not sustainable. More often than not, companies do not have the relevant experience or perspective to shape their digitalization initiatives and minimize implementation risk.

Typically, companies seek our guidance and support in identifying and selecting the best business opportunities, shaping feasible implementation plans and executing these successfully.

Example: For a listed European metering and switchgear corporation, icentic developed a new corporate strategy, the investment/divestment approach and innovative business models for several business units.

Technology Strategy

Today business and technology are inextricably linked. Keeping pace with the emerging technology landscape can be difficult for even the most tech-savvy leaders.

Our technology professionals have deep experience in helping our clients to achieve their business goals through technology. We advise our clients on technology aspects of their current or future business model, as well as on their technology roadmaps, development processes, and the performance and structure of their R&D organization.

Example: For a leading Chinese metering company, icentic analyzed their opportunities and threats in the EMEA market and advised the client on EMEA specific regulatory, technology and functional product requirements.

Interim Management

Companies need skilled, experienced professionals to manage people and projects or to drive strategic initiatives and manage change processes. But sometimes staffing of a key management role takes too long or a such a professional is required just for a limited period of time. In both cases, appointing an interim manager is a viable solution.

Our interim managers assure stability through periods of transition and change. They bring leadership skills, management experience and the highest levels of functional and industry expertise to reinforce clients’ executive teams in that critical situation.

Example: For two years, an experienced icentic executive led and guided a German alternative energy services provider in setting up a product development organization, managing an ecosystem of suppliers, integrating various technologies into a smart energy platform, and put the client in the position to offer innovative smart energy services to the German market.

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