IoT and Smart Solutions

IoT and Smart Solutions

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) consists of interrelated computing devices, objects and machines with the ability to transfer data over the Internet without requiring human-to-human or human-to-thing interaction.

The IoT is evolving due to the convergence of multiple technologies, real-time analytics, and machine learning. Traditional fields of embedded systems, wireless sensor networks, control systems, and automation all contribute to enabling the IoT.

Smart Solutions

The IoT enables the creation of Smart Solution with new service offerings, improved productivity, reduced downtime, and unprecedented levels of service.

In Smart Homes, devices and appliances can be controlled via Smartphones and Smart Speakers. Around the globe, electricity grids are digitally transformed into Smart Grids. And factories evolve into Smart Production sites.

Scoping, designing, implementing, operating and maintaining a Smart Solution requires cross-functional knowledge and expertise.

This is where our IoT Experts come into the game …

Benefit from our IoT Expertise.

IoT is complex. Our IoT Experts help clients

  • to deal with connectivity, latency and throughput challenges,
  • to manage data, analytics and control complexity,
  • to handle IoT endpoint device, aggregation point and platform security, and
  • (especially in Industrial IoT) to make legacy devices talk with modern equipment.

Things are not always interoperable. Our IoT Experts help clients

  • to onboard new or legacy devices and systems,
  • to offload work from subject matter experts who are usually not programmers, and
  • to maintaining device drivers and configurations.

There are so many Clouds. Our IoT Experts keep track of the evolution of offerings including AWS, Azure, Alibaba and many others, and help clients to select the best approach.

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